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I’m a single parent. I’ve got a full-time job and I’m just trying to make ends meet and get my kids to their activities on time.

I’ve got my mortgage and car payments, monthly bills, credit card debt, old student loans, and those who depend on me to put food on the table.

Last week creditors started calling. I think it might be time to get some advice.

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We’ve been happily married for many years, and saved when we could, but retirement is more expensive than we thought.

Our house still isn’t paid off and our credit cards get more action than we’d like.

We need answers to our questions and peace of mind about the future.

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Our family lives in a nice neighbourhood, we have cars, household responsibilities and all the pressures to keep up with the Jones’s.

For the first time, we feel like we are struggling to stay on top of our bills and we’re starting to feel nervous about the future.

We wonder if we need some advice on how to solve our financial troubles.

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I thought I’d be further ahead by now. I’m still paying off various debts and I’m living on my credit cards.

I work, but I can’t seem to get all the bills paid every month before I need to rely on credit cards again.

I imagine buying a house in the future, but think I need a plan to get out of this cycle.

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